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Updated: January 19, 2018

If you want to advertise your product or service, and you believe Dedoimedo can offer you the right kind of exposure, then please read this page to learn about the available options.

Dedoimedo traffic statistics

Dedoimedo enjoys approx. 500,000 visits, 800,000 monthly pageviews, Google PageRank 5. Dedoimedo also generates some volume of traffic on its Youtube channel and through regular article contributions to

Product reviews

Please email your query with the subject PRODUCT REVIEW REQUEST. I will only consider products that fit the site's general topics. It usually takes me about 2-3 months to perform a review, although we may discuss an expedited schedule if needed. I may agree to conduct a review for free, or I may request a payment, depending on the complexity and urgency of your query. At a minimum, you agree to provide me with a lifetime and unrevokable item/copy of the product (physical or digital), which will remain in my possession after the completion of the review.

I will not conduct a review if a specific product owner is not willing to consider potentially negative reviews - in case I do not like the product. Moreover, I believe it's good manners to link to the requested review on the product's official page once the article goes live.

The posted reviews remain live in perpetuity (as long as Dedoimedo continues to operate).

Advertisment banners

You may request ad slots on Dedoimedo. These can be either text, image or mixed text/image banners that will be placed in the main content area and CLEARLY DELINEATED and separated from the article content. The separation will include a visible border, sufficient margin and/or padding, and the use of the word advertisement. Video and audio ads are not allowed.

Ad placement is per page only (e.g. specific pages), NEVER the entire domain.

Ad placement is time limited (with a minimum duration of one month).

Ad links will always be donotfollow.

Ad links must be vetted by me, and must never link to a direct download or a redirecting page.

Please email with the subject ADVERTISEMENT REQUEST for details and pricing (in general, more pages, longer duration = cheaper relative price).

Sponsored content & guest articles

Do NOT request sponsored content or guest articles. All and any content on Dedoimedo will always be created by me (or in an extremely unlikely case, someone of my choosing, solely at my discretion), and cannot in any way be influenced by the requester. I will never place vendor-provided quotes or keywords inline, and there must always be a clear distinction between article content and third-party advertisement material.


Any disputes regarding product reviews and/or advertising services offered on Dedoimedo will be conducted in a court of law and jurisdiction of my choosing.

Dedoimedo is not responsible for any damage or loss of profit incurred as a direct or indirect result of improper or incorrect use of Dedoimedo product reviews, advertisement service and the PayPal service. Any fraudulent payments, misuse or abuse of the above rules or any other activity not specifically listed here are subject to immediate termination of the agreed services with no refunds.

Enjoy your stay.